Dallas Rolfing Legend Ken Solberg, with his son

and daughter-in law, Michael and Virginia Solberg, Structural Integration practitioners

and founders of the Solberg Center


Solberg Center for Structural Integration

In Plano - boutique studio

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contact us 972-398-3430

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Willow Bend Wellness

In Dallas - 5220 McKinney, Ave Suite 300

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Watch how Rolf Method of Structural Integration helps Jenn Migliacci, professional figure athlete


Barry Carpenter discusses how Solberg Center helps Holly Davis with Scoliosis


Michael Solberg with his client Emmitt Smith as he prepared for NFL record - read article Michael Solberg with his client Mike Modano as he prepared for NHL record - read testimonial

Emmitt Smith & Michael Solberg

Mike Modano & Michael Solberg

* Dr. Ida Rolf termed her work “Structural Integration”. “Rolfing” (as well as “Rolfer”) is now a legal service mark of the Rolf Institute,
so the generic for this work is reverting to the name she gave it: Structural Integration.


  The Solberg Center provides financial support to Fascia Research Society, Rolf Research Foundation, Guild for Structural Integration, International Association for Structural Integrators, Plano Seminars of Arts and Science, KERA, Salvation Army, AT&T  Performing Arts Center, Scoliosis World, and hundreds of sessions donated to families in need.
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