Dallas Rolfing Legend Ken Solberg, with his son

and daughter-in law, Michael and Virginia Solberg, Structural Integration practitioners

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Who We Help - Children

Virginia and I have a passion for working with children. From first hand, we know that working with children will have a positive impact on the rest of their lives as they grow into a balanced body. Michael began receiving Rolfing when he was 14 and Virginia when she was 19. We hardly know what it must feel like to have the painful middle-aged bodies our clients describe. We are well into out 40's and still feel very young, energetic and enjoy yoga, sports and the outdoors. We seem to be exempt from many of the middle-age woes as a direct result of receiving the gift of Structural Integration at an early age. We have two young boys who we love to play with and intend to teach them by example to love an active lifestyle. We work on our children and the children of our clients often. Probably 20% of our clientele are children.

My 16 year old daughter has always had aspirations of playing golf in college but after years of back issues, I was beginning to wonder if she would even make it through her high school golf career. One evening in late February I shared this with a girlfriend. She began telling me about the Solberg Center and how Structural Integration freed her of chronic shoulder pain. I called the next day. After hearing about the years of strength training, physical therapy, Pilates, etc. with little to no decrease in back pain, coupled with a mother’s concern for her daughter’s physical well being, Virginia was eager to see my daughter and assess her condition. Our first visit revealed a great deal of fascial work to be done but after one session, my daughter was already experiencing pain relief and standing at least one inch taller! Flash forward about 15 sessions and the rewards are plentiful. Golf practice and multi day tournaments are now completed pain free. Tournament finishes have been nothing lower than third place, including two 1st place finishes and the 4A TAPPS individual State Championship. Due to the treatment she has received at the Solberg Center, she has continued to grow and develop as a golfer and is currently being recruited by multiple collegiate programs. Thank you, Virginia!”
-JP     (This client just received a full-ride GOLF SCHOLARSHIP to her preferred UNIVERSITY!

"We cannot make the curve less than it is. We can keep it from getting worse. Your options; back brace worn for 23 hours a day OR surgery and steel rods in his back." We left the hospital with our hearts and minds screaming 'NO, NO, NO.'  There just had to be some other treatment for scoliosis. The next morning, we called a local therapeutic masseuse, told her about our situation and our rejection of the treatment plan in from of us. She told us about Michael Solberg and Structural Integration, who we contacted immediately. Our prayers were answered. Our son's success with Structural Integration was almost immediate. In four months, he went from 5'9" to 6'. And now, the 17 degree thoracic, 34 degree lumbar curvatures are negligible. No back brace, no steel rods, no surgery. We thank God for the skilled hands of Michael and Virginia Solberg.
-Tamra and Tom B., parents of Sam B

My daughter was experiencing chronic hamstring problems from dancing. Michael Solberg not only eliminated the soreness and tightness there, but also improved her overall flexibility. She could tell the difference at the end of each appointment."

I am 20 now, and I have been seeing Michael for the last 8 years. I first came to him because I had very flat feet and had been having sharp pains in my heels while I was playing football in middle school. I did the ten sessions Michael recommended, and as I went through them, I started noticing huge differences in the way I felt and the way I walked. Part of the way through, I noticed that my heel pain was gradually disappearing! At my most recent session, I was just telling Michael how happy I am that I still have the arches he worked on so long ago. I am so grateful for the work Michael has done on me over the years, particularly because I started young and was able to grow into a healthy and balanced structure. He helped me at the most crucial time, when I was at a very awkward stage of development. After the heels, I also had severe knee and hip pain when I ran during high school, and Michael’s work has brought me to the point now where I can run and play sports without any pain in my legs. Even more important, my body feels generally more relaxed and at ease than before. I highly recommend Michael’s Rolf Method of Structural Integration and I encourage you to start while you’re young if you can: it will not disappoint.
-Jesse B.

Since 1994, I have been a proud client of Michael and Virginia. I first went to see Michael for severe migraines and misalignment in my feet causing terrible shin splints. The relief and improvement in my overall alignment, posture, and ability to breathe more freely was incredible. I am such a believer in Michael’s abilities and have referred several family members, friends, and my professional clients. All have found similar success. I have returned to him numerous times throughout the years as various challenges have arisen. Most recently, both Michael and Virginia supported me during a difficult pregnancy and helped my infant daughter with her cranial issues. I have always been proud of their deep moral values, insights, and amazing gift at healing the body and I am deeply grateful for having them in my life.
- KA W

Structural Integration - sounds like an engineering term, but it is really an unbelievable approach to wellness. I tell my friends that Michael is my Far East Healer. My relationship with Michael goes way beyond that of Structural Integration Practitioner and Patient. Not only does he regularly bring resolution to my deep seated chronic sports injuries, but I am able to count on him as a key resource for my wife/kids, as well as for many of my clients who are often in need of relief from nagging physical issues.
-Todd B.

I've worked with Michael over the course of six years for various injuries and challenges with my structure. And I consistently feel so much better after my sessions. I remember one particular session I walked into Michael's studio hunched over in pain, which was so bad my husband drove me, and a mere hour or so later was upright and embracing life again.
I also enjoy working with Virginia, who has a very different style than Michael. Working with them both allows me to receive the Structural Integration my body craves from two different perspectives and very complimentary styles.
Our children, ages 15, 11, 11 and 10 have had Structural Integration treatments for years, quarterly and also when needed for discomfort. We consider it a gift of health for them, maintaining a properly aligned structure as they change and grow.

-Patti E

I had tried everything to help me be flexible for my high school dance and drill team. Nothing worked, until I tried Structural Integration, which my Mom had been using. Michael knows every muscle and tendon of the body and helped me gain flexibility, as well as learning to treat my body better.
-Scholle B.

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